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PYF Scholarships Awarded

The Pennsylvania Youth Foundation conducts a competitive scholarship program annually. This year the Educational Endowment Fund Committee selected 30 students to receive $45,400 in awards. There were over 240 applicants this year from many deserving students, and it was a difficult decision to choose just a few from them. Your contributions to the PYF EDUCATIONAL ENDOWMENT FUND will help the endowment grow to allow for the presentation of more awards for many years to come.

The Masonic Scholarship Resource Guide for the 2006 program, and the 2006 application, will be available October 1. The application and the scholarship summaries are always current and available on the internet at

The 2005 award winners are:

Grand Master's Scholarships ($2500) - Patience Bell, Julieann Patrick, Stephen R. Logan, Jr.

Dr. Raymond Allen Krome Memorial Scholarships ($2000) - Sarah Connelly, Joshua David Eachus, Andrew David Klugh, Stephanie Marie Migliori, Megan Sue Tracey, Kristina E. Verdon

Pennsylvania Youth Foundation Scholarships ($1500) - Lauren L. Bush, Zachary A. Panitzke

Herman Witte Scholarships ($1500) - Caitlin Sarah Hirneisen, Nicole Ostrowski,

David Bondzio Scholarships ($1,500) - Sarah Bringman, Kelly Sue LaTourette, Andrew Abraham McGuier

Dr. Raymond Allen Krome Memorial Scholarships ($1000) - Heather Gratzmiller, Renee Lauren Mendenhall, Rachel Schmoutz, Jennifer Snyder, Katie Nicole Spitler, James D.P. Sweeney

Harry M. Ormston Memorial Scholarships ($1000) - Krysta Lou Brown, Monique Charisse Wood

Lawrence Dietrich Smith Memorial Scholarships ($1000) - Ashley N. Ferrari, Kevin W. Kaufman, David Kirby

James Booth Memorial Scholarship ($1000) - John Christopher Grover, Jr.

Clarence Uhland Memorial Scholarship ($1000) - Luke Powell

Charles R. Nebel Scholarships ($1000) - Stephen R. Logan, Jr. Justin C. Dunmire

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