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2005 Masonic Village Charity Mini Grand Prix
$39,000 Raised for Masonic Children's Home

race2More than 500 people flocked to Elizabethtown for the second Masonic Village Charity Mini Grand Prix on June 25, 2005. Through sponsorships and food sales, the event raised more than $39,000 to benefit the Masonic Children's Home. In addition to the excitement of the race, the Masonic CHIP program was sponsored by District 60.

race3Special thanks to the following individuals and groups whose efforts made the event a success: Nathan Garman, 2005 Masonic Children's Home graduate who designed the 2005 Charity Mini Grand Prix logo; Jeff Lankes, for his special vision and support of the Masonic Village Charity Mini Grand Prix; Masonic CHildren's Home residents and staff; members of the Pennsylvania DeMolay and Abraham C. Treichler Lodge No. 682 for setting up and tearing down the race track; and Jeff and Beth Mohn of Oval Track Concepts for providing technical services.

And the winners are...

Thanks to Our Sponsors:
Brandywine Asset Management, LLC
Eagle Asset Management, Inc.
Seneca Capital Management
Murray Insurance Associates, Inc.
Beard Miller Company LLP
Yanni Partners
The Phillips Group
Montgomery, McCracken, Walker & Rhoads
Commonwealth Caterers
Reese, Lower, Patrick& Scott
Highmark Blue Shield
ThyssenKrupp Elevator
Caskey Printing, Inc.
Ettline Foods Corporation
Christenson Investment Partners
Gingerich, Smith, Klingersmith & Dolan
Morgan Lewis & Bockius, LLP
ProSolutions, Inc.
B&G Lumber Co.
Schaedler Yesco Distribution, Inc.
Roth's Furniture
Elizabethtown Sporting Goods
Sollenberger Painting
101 The Rose

Championship Race Winners
First Place:
Masonic District 45
Second Place: K.L. Harring Transportation
Third Place: Pennsylvania DeMolay

First Place: Raptor - Masonic District 55

First Place Pit Stop: Abraham C. Treichler Lodge No. 682
Second Place Pit Stop: Moscow Lodge No. 504
Third Place Pit Stop: Masonic District 36

First Place Most Authentic Paint Job: Pennsylvania DeMolay
Second Place Most Authentic Paint Job: Masonic District D

First Place Most Creative Paint Job: Abraham C. Treichler Lodge No. 682
Second Place Most Creative Paint Job: Masonic District D

First Place Most Authentic Uniform: Moscow Lodge No. 504
Second Place Most Authentic Uniform: Ebersole Excavating

First Place Most Creative Uniform: Masonic District 36
Second Place Most Creative Uniform: Pennsylvania DeMolay

First Place Dash for Kids: K.L. Harring Transportation
Second Place Dash for Kids: Masonic District 36

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race10 race11 race12
race13 race15
race16 race17 race18

Warfel Construction Company also participated in the mini grand prix, but they were dealing with kart trouble during the team photos. Fortunately, they fixed their kart and were able to join the race.

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