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pinnoPROUD to be a MASON!

Bro. Bob and Alice Pinnock had spent eight winters in Florida as "snowbirds" and another 3_ years on a full-time basis. Their home in Frostproof was virtually untouched by hurricanes for over 25 years. That all changed between August 13 and September 26, 2004, as three of the four hurricanes that ravished Florida resulted in tremendous property damage for the Pinnocks and other residents of central Florida. They recall the massive evacuations, over-crowded shelters, winds of 105 - 115 m.p.h., downed power lines and trees, 100º temperatures with no electricity and entire roofs being blown off buildings in all directions. Rescue and repair efforts ensued; however, life would never be the same.

Today, because of their foresight and pre-planning to go on the Retirement Living Priority List, they feel very fortunate to live in their new home at the Masonic Village at Elizabethtown. They have many fond memories of Florida but have already built a new active lifestyle through their participation in an array of campus activities, including singing in the church choir, playing golf and just enjoying friends in various social events.

pinno_cpnIf you ask Bro. Bob and Alice what they like best about Elizabethtown, they'll say the people, their new church family, the beauty of the campus and rural surroundings. Alice explained they had looked at so many other retirement communities, but they just kept coming back to Elizabethtown, feeling as though they've been led here. She loves her spacious home, the cathedral ceilings, sunroom and, especially, the kitchen. Most of all, however, she loves the peace of mind they enjoy in knowing they have quality health care available if either one or both of them ever needs it. "We've been sold on the health care facility from day one," she concludes. Bob, Past Master of Franklin Lodge No. 263, sums it up by saying, "Since we've lived here, I have never been more proud to be a Mason."

To pre-plan your future, place your name on the Retirement Living Priority List today. Simply call 1-800-676-6452 or print this page, complete and mail the coupon.

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