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hodeg2HODEGOS Awards
The first presentation of the Grand Lodge Hodegos Awards was made at the June Quarterly Communication in Pittsburgh when Bro. Samuel C. Williamson, RWPGM and Bro. Robert L. Engel were presented the first of the 14K gold lapel pins (see below). Hodegos is the Greek word for "a leader, guide and instructor of the inexperienced." These two men have given a lifetime of service to the youth of Pennsylvania, and in particular, to the Order of DeMolay. It was fitting that they became the first to wear the Hodegos Pin.

The second presentation was made at the Annual Grand Sessions of Job's Daughters on June 24 in Greensburg when the Hodegos Pins were presented to Mrs. Rebecca Hubley, Mrs. Nancy Morris, Bro. Richard Hall, Mrs. Sara Hall, and Mrs. Donna Taylor. Bro. Brent D. Richards of the Pennsylvania Youth Foundation presented the pins.

The Hodegos Pin

hodeg2The Hodegos emblem is a solid gold hand-crafted oval bearing the Greek word, Hodegos. It is so distinctive that it will attract attention, and will cause people to ask what it means, thereby opening the door to conversation about the Masonic Youth Groups. The emblem may be worn as a lapel pin, or crafted into a necklace drop for ladies. It was created by Bro. Keith Attwood, a professional goldsmith and jewelry craftsman, who is also member and an appointed officer of Dormont Lodge No. 684, Pittsburgh. Bro. Attwood is from London, England, and continues to work in the craft of his grandfather, the last in a line of Irish goldsmiths. This is a unique award, purposefully designed and hand-crafted, reflecting the same individual care and attention these distinguished adult leaders have given to our Masonic youth.

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