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Good Samaritan

Our Masonic teachings in Freemasonry use familiar terms as: "do as we would be done by" or "every human being has a claim upon your kind offices!" Brother Emery Koszoru has been a highly regarded Master Mason for many years, and a talented degree master. For him, assisting another in time of need is a natural reaction. The date is May 19, 1987. He made plans to furnish transportation to take his friend's children to a Rainbow installation meeting. It never happened.

Before he got ready to go, his brotherly instinct was to help an apparent stranded motorist, especially when the breakdown was located within the familiar areas of his neighborhood. The motorist claimed a loose battery cable and the car would not start. How could he not help? However, helping this particular motorist proved disastrous and changed Brother Emery's life forever.

Brother Emery became an innocent "Good Samaritan" and received serious injury. He walked right into a conspiracy of a hired killer, who had contracted to kill his employer's husband for a mere sum of $5,000. At first, the assailant stated that all he wanted was his money. Again, you would normally react and say, "Here take it!" However, to his dismay the assailant at gunpoint ordered Brother Emery to turn around and get down in a ditch. The assailant shot Brother Emery twice in the head with a revolver. Brother Emery felt a burning sensation across the top of his head and blacked out. He said to himself, "Is this what it is like to be dead?" Miraculously, Brother Emery survived the attack but suffered a long ordeal of recovery in the hospital, permanent scars, and loss of hearing in his left ear.

The court case proved a case of mistaken identity. The courts identified a nursing home manager who hired the assailant to kill her husband for insurance purposes. Through long ordeals of court proceedings, the judge sentenced the assailant 10-20 years in prison. The convicted nursing home manager was sentenced 3-8 years.

For several years, Brother Emery attended parole board meetings, and gave his input on his assailant's parole. He stated, "If the parole board feels the prisoner deserves another chance, I am willing to accept that."

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