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Two New DeMolay Chapters

Pennsylvania DeMolay is proud to announce the emergence of not one, but TWO new chapters. New Castle Builders Chapter, serving the young men of Lawrence County, is being sponsored by Lodge of the Craft-Westminster Lodge No. 433, and the Valley of New Castle, AASR.

Freedom Chapter is being sponsored by Washington Lodge No. 156 ofQuarryville, and Christiana Lodge No. 417, of Lancaster County.

They've already held their first official DeMolay meetings and have become immersed in the DeMolay program. They have been seen at various statewide DeMolay events including the Eastern and Western Paintball outings, and the Spring Training Leadership Weekend. The members of Freedom Chapter have been conspicuous by their participation in numerous CHIP events in Eastern Pennsylvania.

demol2Brother Steven Walkling, a young member of Joseph H. Brown Lodge No. 751, will serve as the first Master Councilor of Freedom Chapter. Denny Lennox is the first Master Councilor of the New Castle Builders Chapter, and he has already made his mark by performing a special Ode to the Flag at the opening session of the Pa. Grand Court, Order of the Amaranth. The New Castle Builders Chapter meets on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays @ 7:30 PM at the Scottish Rite Cathedral, and Freedom Chapter meets on the first Saturday @ 1:00 PM in Christiana.

These Chapters will be formally "Instituted" when new members will be inducted and the first corps of officers will be installed. On these days, they will receive their "Letters Temporary" or temporary charter.

New Castle Builders Chapter will be Instituted on Saturday, September 17, and Freedom Chapter will be Instituted by the end of the year. Details will be available on the Pennsylvania DeMolay website at

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