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Brotherly Love and Affection

While on a recent trip to Maryland, Brother Donald L. Davis, P.M. of Philanthropy Lodge No. 225, Greensburg, PA, visited a flea market and saw a Masonic Gavel.

Having an interest in Masonic memorabilia, he inspected it and discovered it was engraved Conemaugh Valley Lodge, and having grown up in Johnstown, PA, he thought it strange that there would be Conemaugh Valley Lodge in Maryland. He then noticed some Lodge Notices folded up in the bottom of the gavel case and found they were indeed from Conemaugh Valley Lodge No. 692, Johnstown, PA for the year 1930. The gavel was engraved for Bro. Robert W. Snook, who was Worshipful Master that year.

On April 7, 2005, Bro. Davis, accompanied by Bro. Drew Washabaugh, P.M. attended the Stated Meeting of Greater Johnstown Lodge No. 538, with whom Conemaugh Valley Lodge No. 692 had merged in 1991, and presented the gavel to the lodge. Not only was this an act of Brotherly Love and Affection, but also of Charity as Brother Davis would not accept any remuneration for the cost of the gavel.

The picture shows Brother Owen R. Hofecker, Jr., Senior Warden, acting as Worshipful Master, accepting the gavel from Brother Davis.

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