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History was made at Armstrong Lodge No. 239 in the first three months of 2005 when Robert W. Buterbaugh, P.M., (right) was privileged to guide his Grandson, Steven D. Buterbaugh (center) as he was Entered, Past, and Raised by his father. Junior Warden, Kenneth P. Buterbaugh (left) raised his son at an Extra Meeting March 23. His son was the first candidate he had initiated or raised. Officers attending (not pictured) were Howard D. Berner, P.M., Worshipful Master, as acting Junior Warden and Glenn R. Young, Senior Warden. This continued a family tradition as Robert W. Buterbaugh, P.M. had conferred all three degrees on both of his sons, James R. and Kenneth P. Buterbaugh, 28 and 30 years of age respectively. The tradition is to continue as the newly raised Brother, Steven, is now diligently working to learn the Entered Apprentice Degree to confer on his older brother, who recently requested a petition.

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