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36th Masonic District Honors 50-Year Members


Grand Master William Slater II recently honored eighteen 50 year members of the 36th Masonic District at an event hosted by George Bartram-Paul Sand Lodge No. 298. Fifty-year recipients included Edward Berman, Richard P. Harris, Walter R. Fahnestock, Jr., Charles W. Green, Morton B. Horrow, Vance Lavanture, Alvin T. Schwartz, Walter C. Snyder, Jr. and Samuel Spear from Lodge No. 298; Russell H. Decker, Lincoln P. Dieffenbach, Sr., Leonard W. Lindh, and Donald R. Lynch from Lodge No. 578; Eugene E. McSweeney, Jr. from Lodge No. 625; Walter K. Oliver and Harold A. Steimer, Jr. from Lodge No. 709 and John G. Keidel and Lawrence C. Ritter from Lodge No. 711. Brother Samuel Spear, P.M. of Lodge No. 298 provided reflective comments on behalf of the recipients in attendance.

Grand Master Slater was assisted in the presentations by Robert J. Bateman, District Deputy Grand Master of the 36th District, G. Kent Hackney, Aide to the Grand Master, and the Worshipful Masters of the respective Lodges: James F. Standish, Jr., George Bartram-Paul Sand Lodge No. 298; Robert J. Jordan, Prospect Lodge No. 578; James B. Gibson, Sr., Concord Lodge No. 625; Orlando P. Salvato, III, Concordville Penn Lodge No. 709; Richard M. Caruth, Lansdowne Lodge No. 711; and David W. Parker, Springfield-Hanby Lodge No. 767.

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