The Grand Master's Summer Message

bill1In 1875, Bro. Matthew Webb became the first person to successfully swim across the 29-mile English Channel in just 21 hours. In 1927, Bro. Charles Lindbergh became the first person to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean, in 34 hours. If these Brethren were able to accomplish these feats in a matter of hours, imagine how many candidates YOU can bring in for the Man-to-Mason One Day Adventure within the next few weeks?

I'm not asking you to exhaust your energies by swimming the English Channel or flying across the Atlantic, but to use your energy to find candidates who are just as honorable as Bro. Webb, Bro. Lindbergh and countless other Masons who are inspirational, not necessarily for their accomplishments, but for their morality and charity.

If we all do our part, this promises to be the most exciting day in your Masonic journey and a lifelong memorable experience. It is an opportunity of a lifetime to make an impact on our Fraternity and within our communities, as good men join us in bettering themselves and our society.

For 22 years, I have been proud to be a part of something as awesome as Freemasonry. Are YOU proud? Does your friend, neighbor, your coworker, and the person you sit next to at your place of worship know that you're a Mason? Does your son, uncle, nephew, grandson or father know why you are so committed to the Craft? Have you Shared the Light with respectable men in your life by telling them about October 2, 2004?

Brethren, don't just attend meetings ­ but talk about what Freemasons are doing in your communities and how much you enjoy the time spent with your Brethren. Tell your friends and family about Freemasonry and how it has changed your life for the better. Explain how Masons search for opportunities for service and personal growth while being active in the community. Brethren, be proud of our accomplishments and proud to tell everyone about them! Make a difference in expanding and enhancing our Craft.

To date, there have been several men who have brought in more than 15 candidates for the One-Day Adventure, and I applaud their efforts and dedication to Freemasonry. How many Man-to-Mason ASK! brochures have YOU shared with men of integrity? As Brethren, we are all on the same team, and we cannot sit on the sidelines and watch a few men carry the burden of the success for this adventure. We must share their enthusiasm, pick up the ball and do our part to reach the goal. If several men brought in 100 candidates each, they alone may not prevail. But, if each of us brought in just one candidate, the results would be overwhelming!

My hope is that in my lifetime, our membership will again reach great heights. I envision my son, Wes, joining a thriving fraternity and enjoying the many benefits and opportunities that Freemasonry affords.

Keep Sharing the Light Brethren,

William Slater II
R. W. Grand Master

The Grand Master's Welcome to the New One-Day Adventure


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