Welcome to the New One-Day Adventure Brothers

You have earned the distinct honor of belonging to the oldest and largest fraternity in the world. Be proud of your membership ­ wear and display the square and compasses (click here for a license plate application), and share with others why you chose to join Freemasonry.

I encourage you to read about the many programs and services highlighted within these pages, because now you and your family are eligible to participate in and benefit from them. Bring some friends to visit the Masonic Temple in all its grandeur, check out all of that is going on at our Masonic Villages or volunteer to spend your time helping one of the Masonic youth groups or with an upcoming CHIP program. Dust off your golf clubs, organize some Brethren and hit the greens at one of the Masonic Charity Golf Tournaments next month. Arrange a bus trip and bring your family to Autumn Day. The more involved you become, the more you will appreciate your membership.

I believe that you will come to love Freemasonry as I do... as more than 125,000 of your Brethren do. Share the Light of our great Fraternity through your words and your actions, and do your part in strengthening Pennsylvania Freemasonry.

Share the petition enclosed in this issue with men who you consider worthy of membership, and bring them into your Masonic family. Allow them the privilege of carrying on a centuries-old legacy, built on the principal tenets of Brotherly Love, Charity and Truth.

As you will come to experience, being a Mason is a way of life. You have joined a family whose values you honor and whose needs you embrace. The more you give of yourself, the more you will receive.

Congratulations! I am proud to call you "Brother."

William Slater II
R. W. Grand Master

A Day of Opportunity . . . The Time is Now!
A Message from Thomas K. Sturgeon, R.W. Grand Warden

Members are Invited to Attend
Venues and Time Schedule for the historic One-Day Adventure

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