Life Skills Conferees Champion CHIP

For the fifth consecutive year, the Pennsylvania Youth Foundation hosted a "sell-out" Life Skills Conference at the Masonic Conference Center ­ Patton Campus in Elizabethtown. Held from July 25th through the 30th, the conference was an active, creative, experientially-based week of learning and relationship building with other young people, ages 12 to 16, and a talented staff of professionals and volunteers. Through a variety of hands-on experiences, participants reinforced the principles that have guided the Life Skills program since it's inception in 2000:

RESPECT for yourself and others

RESPONSIBILITY for personal actions and decisions

RELATIONSHIPS with peers and mentors

VALUING others and using common ground rules

CHOOSING a personal level of CHALLENGE.

lifeAs a special part of the 2004 Life Skills Conference, the Conferees spent their free time assembling CHIP Kits for use by the Child Identification Program sponsored by the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania. The young people of the Conference volunteered their free time to assemble the kits. Some even started their days an hour early ­ at 7:00 AM ­ to assist with this worthwhile program. This opportunity to provide a small service to the Grand Lodge was embraced by the young people, who consistently leave the Life Skills program with a great respect and deep appreciation for the Masons of Pennsylvania.

Along with sponsorship of the program through the Pennsylvania Youth Foundation, many of the participating young people had their registration fees paid by Pennsylvania Blue Lodges or individual Master Masons, who understand the importance of programs like Life Skills.

For more information and a photographic look at the 2004 Life Skills Conference, please visit the PA Youth Foundation web page at

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