makeThe New ASK! Brochure

This brochure is designed as a tool to aid you in talking to non masons about the fraternity.

Click here for a printable PDF version of the brochure

All Lodges need help ­ your Lodge needs help. The Grand Master has asked for a 10% increase in Lodge membership and has set-up the mechanics of the One-day Man to Mason Adventure whereby your candidate can receive all three degrees in the Blue Lodge, following which he can become a 32° Mason and then proceed onto the Shrine. What a way to go for that busy man on the go! Remember brethren:

Candidates are all around you!

You see them everyday!

You talk to them everyday!

Talk to them about Freemasonry!

Use the new ASK! brochure!

Simply print it, fold it, and present it to a man you feel worthy of becoming a member of our fraternity, a 32º Mason, and a Shrine Mason ­ all in One Day. What an Adventure!

So, we ask you, go out a find a potential candidate. Present him with this brochure.

Talk to him about Freemasonry.

Give him a petition for your Blue Lodge.

Talk about the Scottish Rite.

Talk about the Shrine.

Talk about the October 2 Man to Mason Opportunity.

Talk ­ it's not a secret.

What is it?

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