asc7Bro. Ralph C. Leh, PM, Confers Master Mason Degree at 99

Monday, March 22, 2004, marked another piece of history in Perkiomen Lodge No. 595. That evening, Bro. Ralph C. Leh, PM, conferred the Master Mason's Degree on Bro. John B. Markley. What makes this degree unique is that Bro. Leh is 99 years old. Bro Marvin C. Cunningham, RWPGM, was in attendance along with more than 70 members. At the conclusion of the degree, Bro. Leh stated that he would be back next year when he is 100 to confer another third degree. Pictured are: Bros. Matthew F. Wright, PM, WM; Marvin A. Cunningham, RWPGM; John B. Markley; Ralph C. Leh, PM; Thomas Gamon IV, DDGM; George E. Boyer, PDDGM. (back row) Bros. W. Richard Dillon, PDDGM; Robert C. Gerhart, PDDGM; John A. Rose, Regional Instructor.

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