A Day of Opportunity . . .

1day1The Time is Now!

As we come closer to the date of October 2, 2004 we all need to understand that there is still work to be done. The time is truly NOW! There is still time to increase the number of new candidates for our great Fraternity. Take heed, don't look back, but rather look ahead to the most magnificent day in modern Pennsylvania Freemasonry. It is a Day of Opportunity-- a day to begin the renaissance of our Fraternity in Pennsylvania.

Don't keep this great organization to yourself. Tell worthy men whom you work with, golf with, worship with, and men of your family or friends, how great this fraternity is.

What is your greatest MASONIC RESPONSIBILITY? It is, without question, sharing it with other men. It is making certain that the next generation of men will have this Fraternity to enjoy. It is all of our responsibilities to carry on the traditions of over two hundred and fifty years. It is our duty to make certain the future of our Masonic charities. We share responsibility for our guests at our Masonic Villages, the children at our Shrine hospitals, the students at our 32nd Degree Learning Centers, and all of our other worthy charities.

All of these responsibilities and our future depends on our membership. Not only the number of members but also the quality of the men. There are more quality men in our social circles than we can imagine. Reach out and touch them, brag about what we stand for and what we are. Tell our story and share the proud Masonic light with all who will listen.

In its simplest form, we can ensure our fraternity forever by replacing ourselves. Think of this ­ if only ten percent of our members recommended only one new Mason, we would accomplish the Grand Masters goal! In many cases some brothers have recommended over ten or even twenty new members. The question is, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE for the assurance that we will exist as a fraternity in another two hundred and fifty years. I encourage you to do your share.

This one day Masonic journey, and journey of a lifetime all in one day, will be an opportunity for worthy men to become one of us regardless of their employment or personal commitments. It is for the very busy man. It is not a diminished journey ­ in fact it will be an enhanced trip through Freemasonry all in one day. The degree work will be the best possible, the attendance of brothers will be more than ever before, the comradery between the candidates will be great, and all candidates will leave the lodge on this day with more pride and enthusiasm than ever before.

My last thought is this. If it is our idea to keep this great organization to ourselves it will be the beginning of the end. If you have read this message to this point I suspect that you want this to continue and to be enjoyed just as we have.

Therefore, don't keep it private, don't keep it to yourself, but rather SHARE THE LIGHT and take on your Masonic RESPONSIBILITY and secure our Fraternity for generations to follow ­ October 2, 2004, A Day of Opportunity!

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