Frankford lodgeMasons and students work together to ready the sets for the Lincoln High School musical revue.

The bold four-column headline in the Philadelphia area newspaper proclaimed, "Masons Rescue the Lincoln High School." The subhead went on to report, "The members of Frankford Lodge No. 292 donated more than just money. They also lent their expertise to help the students build sets for a musical review." Without the help of the Masons, the students' Spring musical review, featuring the hits from "Fiddler on the Roof," "South Pacific," "Music Man," and "Wizard of Oz," would not have occurred.

Lincoln High School

The article explained that the only scenery available to the students was the white wall at the back of the stage and there was little money available to build the framework for legitimate sets. That's where Frankford Lodge, in Masonic District D, found a much appreciated community service project. Past Master Charles Graham, the Arts Initiative coordinator for the school, drew plans for two-dimensional flats and three-dimensional dollies for stage sets. Members of the Lodge produced them.

Another Past Master, Ted Ewing, who heads the Lodge's Community Project Comm-ittee, said "... in excess of $2,000 was spent on nine steel frames for the sets. The fabrication was done at Ace Welding Service, whose owners Joe Berkauzer and Fred Ewing (Ted's brother), are lodge members. Members of the Lodge donated their time and carpentry and painting expertise to finish the sets in time for the show."

Writing to R.W. Grand Master James L. Ernette on behalf of the school's Arts Initiative Program, Bro. Graham cited:

"I want you, as Grand Master of Masons in Pennsylvania, to know about this project and about the fine and dedicated men who participated in its success. I also want to thank you for encouraging this kind of community service. ... Many teachers and parents at the school were pleasantly surprised and grateful for this community project as they were unaware that Freemasonry was active in making a difference in our community."