The Masons of Infinity Lodge No. 546, Penn Hills, have formed a partnership with their next door neighbor, Forbes Elementary School, to help children in need.

Worshipful Master Charles W. "Buzz" Doege, Jr., said that after the Lodge learned that the school's principal, Sari McNamara had students with needs and no means to help, "We decided to help out by developing an ongoing project. The project is open ended, meaning whatever supplies or personal items the pupils need, the Masons will try to get them. [It is] an open relationship with the school, so as different programs come up, the school and the lodge can work together to help."

A most recent contribution was a $500 check that Principal McNamara can use at her discretion to help pupils ..... In an article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Principal was quoted, "It was like a windfall. We had no prior connections, but it is wonderful."