Volume LIXAugust 2012Number 3

Masonic Children's Home Centennial Campaign

In anticipation of the Masonic Children's Home Centennial anniversary in 2013, Masonic Village at Elizabethtown has announced a fund raising campaign intended to celebrate by providing support for the boys and girls who reside there now and in the future.

Freemasonry's grand Mission of Love is seldom more clearly seen than in its Masonic Children's Home. Since the first child took up residence in 1913, generous donors have stepped forward to extend the caring hand of Freemasonry to those young people most in need.

Today's young residents come from environments which do not provide the security and support necessary for healthy growth and development. Entering the Masonic Children's Home, they receive the care, guidance and resources to give them a solid start in life.

Charitable support is essential to the Masonic Children's Home operations. The centennial campaign aims to generate enough charitable contributions to support the Masonic Children's Home in perpetuity. Combined with support received over the last century, the amount needed to accomplish this is $10 million, the campaign goal.

Contributions to the campaign will make a direct impact on children's lives. While every gift to the Masonic Children's Home is greatly appreciated, the largest support for the children has always come from charitable bequests. For this reason, the campaign asks caring persons to consider a bequest to the Masonic Children's Home in their will.

Masonic Charities' licensed legal staff can help ensure correct language for a will or help decide the most advantageous gift for your circumstances. Staff also may review your overall estate plan as a complimentary service, if desired.

To honor those who are able to take this powerful humanitarian action, a new "Masonic Children's Home Centennial Society" has been established. It is a distinct honorary society to recognize those who name the Masonic Children's Home in their will for a bequest. It also welcomes those who give other types of planned gifts such as securities, a charitable gift annuity that pays donors lifetime income, paid-up insurance policies or other property or trust arrangements.

Donors who take this loving action are a very real, permanent part of the Masonic Children's Home. For this reason, we feel that their names always should be visible there. To accomplish this, members' names, at their option, will be permanently displayed in a beautiful new outdoor "Centennial Garden" that has been created beside the existing Donor Recognition Garden. Visitors a century from now will see the names of those who became part of the Masonic Children's Home in this campaign.

For information on the Centennial Society or on a planned gift to the Masonic Children's Home, please complete and return the attached reply form below, call 800-599-6454, or email. Making a difference in children's lives is an extraordinary legacy with reverberations through generations.

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