Volume LIXAugust 2012Number 3

Masonic Memorial Day Observances

Pennsylvania Freemasonry was on grand display May 26 in the Mount Joy Memorial Day Parade, the largest in Lancaster County, which draws 10-12,000 spectators.

The Grand Lodge float carried R.W. Grand Master Jay W. Smith; Grand Lodge Aides Brothers Jay V. Smith and Jesse S. Spence, both of Ashara-Casiphia Lodge No. 551, Mount Joy; DeMolay State Master Councilor Matthew D. Blaisdell, Riverside Lodge No. 503, Wrightsville; Grand Worthy Advisor for Rainbow Girls Miss Diana Jolly; Miss Congeniality for Job's Daughters Miss Jennifer Chappell; Adult Advisor for Job's Daughters Mrs. Angie Chappell; and the Supreme Deputy for Rainbow Mrs. Helen Snedden. The driver and owner of the truck was Bro. Howard T. Silbaugh, Chief Aide to the Grand Master and Worshipful Master of Washington Lodge No. 164.

Brothers Luke Hample and Jason Hoover carried the banner, followed by Bro. Josh Palmer carrying the American flag. Marching behind the float was District Deputy Grand Master of the 1st Masonic District Larry A. Derr, accompanied by the District 1 Principal of the School of Instruction Bro. Raymond P. Greiner, P.M., and the officers of all the lodges of the 1st Masonic District: Lodge No. 43, Lancaster; Washington Lodge No. 156, Quarryville; Columbia Lodge No. 286, Wrightsville; Christiana Lodge No. 417; Lamberton Lodge No. 476, Lancaster; Charles M. Howell Lodge No. 496, Millersville; Ashara-Casiphia Lodge No. 551, Mount Joy; Manheim Lodge No. 587 and Ephrata Lodge No. 665.

Members of Joseph Warren Lodge No. 726, Youngsville, attended Warren County's annual Memorial Day Observance along with numerous veterans groups. The ceremony included the reading of the names of veterans from Warren County who passed away in the last 12 months, many Masons included. Joseph Warren Lodge No. 726 placed a carnation at the altar in memory of our fallen brothers and veterans.

Left-right: Brothers Christopher Evans, S.W.; Douglas White, W.M.; Justin DiPenti, J.W.; Tim Jordan; Paul E. Lauffenburger, P.M.; Cornelius M. Twist, P.M.; Michael R. Jordan, Jr. Deacon, P.M.; Franklin Williams, Sr. Deacon, P.M.; and Toby Holland

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