Volume LVIIIAugust 2011Number 3

Looking Back, with Joy

Some day you're going to be sitting on the edge of your bed, looking
back at a lifetime. The things that are important to you will emerge.

You know most of them now. Marriage. Family. Faith. Friendships. Work. Financial success. Your associations, such as Freemasonry.

Other less tangible things - values - will emerge. Like the love you labored to give to your family. The integrity you strove to uphold in everything you did. How you treated your fellow human beings.

And a few regrets might even surface. Nobody bats 1.000.

Your lifetime, of course, is the template for your Will. Each important thing in your lifetime has a place in your parting statement to the world.

In this parting statement, money is the tool you use to articulate what is important to you. It is also the means to try to strengthen these important things so that they continue in the world.

This is actually where Will planning begins. Make a list of who and what has been important to you. Then allocate to each item on this list its fair share of your ending capital. Making this list is often a joyful exercise, and allocating shares to the items can bring much satisfaction.

If Freemasonry is one of these important things, or any other charity for that matter, the Office of Gift Planning can provide information to guide the inclusion of Masonic Charities, or another charity, in your Will.

If you plan to include Masonic Charities in your Will, Gift Planning staff in some cases may offer preliminary technical assistance to facilitate working with your lawyer.

Please contact the Office of Gift Planning at (800) 599-6454 to ask questions or obtain information, or mail in the Reply Form below.

Will preparation can be a matter of looking back, with joy.

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