Volume LVIIIAugust 2011Number 3

New Online Payment Option: Safe & Secure

The Grand Lodge has implemented an online payment method that makes it more convenient for members to pay their dues and more efficient for lodges to receive them.

Lodges that have enrolled can receive payments from credit cards and from Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfers directly from participating members' bank accounts. Enrolled members also may establish recurring payments on a scheduled basis toward their dues or contributions to lodge activities and Pennsylvania Masonic Charities.

To use this service, lodge members must sign into the MEMBER SERVICES module of the www.pagrandlodge.org website, which can be accessed from the gray button on the lower right-hand side of the Grand Lodge Home page, or by visiting www2.pagrandlodge.org/services.

Members who have already created an identity to use the on-line Masonic Employment Center or the Business Directory can sign in and immediately access the new Payment Center. Members who have NOT yet registered for an account and received a user name and password, can sign in by entering the details requested and creating a Member Services account. To do this, they will need their Grand Lodge-assigned member number, which, for now, must be acquired from their Lodge Secretary.

When members enter the Payment Center, they will find an option to make a payment to Pennsylvania Masonic Charities. If their Lodge Secretary has completed the paperwork to authorize the receipt of payments into the lodge checking account electronically, the lodge name and number will also appear as an option. Members of multiple lodges that have signed up for this service will have a list of lodges from which to select.

Grand Master Sturgeon encourages all members to participate in this new payment service. For more information about this service, please contact your Lodge Secretary.

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