Volume LVIIAugust 2010Number 3

Making History

Brothers Malcolm Harris, District Lecturer, First District; Stephen Gardner, R.W.P.G.M., Grand Lodge of PA; George M. Calloway, M.W.P.G.M., P.H.A.; James Lloyd, Worshipful Master, Prudence Lodge No. 11; and Wayne O. Thompson, District Deputy Grand Master, District 1

On June 19, Prudence Lodge No. 11, P.H.A., held a special meeting to raise five candidates to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason in the Corinthian Hall of the Masonic Temple in Philadelphia. Bro. James Lloyd, Worshipful Master, conferred the degrees along with other officers in their respective stations. As the first meeting held by a Prince Hall lodge in the Masonic Temple, it was an historic event.

Most Worshipful Grand Master Charles A. Bishop, Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, as well as both Stephen Gardner, R.W. Past Grand Master, and Thomas K. Sturgeon, R.W. Grand Master, Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, granted permission for the meeting.

Grand Master Sturgeon and the other Grand Lodge officers originally planned on attending the meeting, but when it had to be rescheduled due to a conflict, they could not attend. Still, more than 140 Masons from both Grand Lodges witnessed the event. They included from Prince Hall Grand Lodge: Most Worshipful Past Grand Master George M. Calloway, and Brothers Wayne O. Tompkins, District Deputy Grand Master, and Malcolm Harris, Grand Lecturer for District 1. From The Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, attendees included R.W. Past Grand Master Gardner and Brothers William Wettereau, P.D.D.G.M., and Daniel J. Hinds, Aide to the Grand Master and Superintendent of the Masonic Temple. On behalf of Grand Master Sturgeon, Past Grand Master Gardner gave Masonic ties to all of those in attendance to mark this memorable occasion.

Congratulations to...

R.W. Past Grand Master Arthur J. Kurtz received his certificate for 60 years of service to Freemasonry on March 29, during the 140th Anniversary Banquet of Robert Burns Lodge No. 464, Harrisburg, of which Bro. Kurtz is also a Past Master. R.W. Grand Master Thomas K. Sturgeon presented Bro. Kurtz with his 60-Year Service Emblem and Wreath during a personal visit to his residence at the Masonic Village at Elizabethtown. Shown congratulating Bro. Kurtz are (left to right): Michael P. McGinnis, W.M., Robert Burns Lodge No. 464; R.W.P.G.M. Kurtz; R.W. Deputy Grand Master Jay W. Smith, who delivered the keynote address and presented Bro. Kurtz with his 60-year certificate at the banquet; R.W. Grand Secretary Mark A. Haines; and R.W. Past Grand Master George H. Hohenshildt, William S. Snyder Lodge No. 756, Harrisburg.

These brethren of the 1st Masonic District have demonstrated a level of excellence in the performance of the Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft and Master Mason degrees and thereby have been awarded the Grand Lodge Proficiency Pin Award. They have achieved the requirements set forth by the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania and have worked with diligence to maintain this standard of precision.

Pictured left-right: Brothers Raymond P. Greiner, P.M., Principal Instructor, Ephrata Lodge No. 665; Charles A. Achey, Jr., P.D.D.G.M., P.M., Lodge No. 43, Lancaster; Larry A. Derr, D.D.G.M., P.M., Ashara-Casiphia Lodge No. 551, Mt. Joy; Jeff A. Feister, P.M., Christiana Lodge No. 417; Jeff S. Moyer, P.M., Lodge No. 43, Regional Instructor, Region 2; Dennis A. Weller, P.M., and William J. Oehme, P.M., both of Manheim Lodge No. 587; Thomas L. Feister, P.M., Christiana Lodge No. 417; Albert B. Kling, P.M., Lodge No. 43; Paul E. Sirbak, P.M., Lamberton Lodge No. 476, Lancaster; John F. Harley, P.M., Ephrata Lodge No. 665; Herb K. Swisher, P.M., Lodge No. 43, Past Principal; Thomas A. Shimp, P.M., Columbia Lodge No. 286, Wrightsville; Paul A. Sutcliffe, Jr., P.M., Worshipful Master, Lodge No. 43; Douglas M. Wiker, P.M., Lodge No. 43, Past Principal; and C. Ray Rathman, P.M., Christiana Lodge No. 417.

Bro. Paul M. Johnston, P.M., W.M., Mount Zion Lodge No. 774, McConnellsburg, was presented the 2009 Outstanding Citizen Award by the Fulton County Chamber of Commerce and Tourism at a banquet held in his honor. Bro. Johnston was recognized for his 25+ years of commitment to community service, including leadership positions with the McConnellsburg Jaycees, Fulton County Parks and Recreation Commission, Fulton County Little League, Bi-Valley Girls Softball League, Mount Zion Lodge No. 774, Great Cove Golf and Recreation Club, Central Fulton Education Foundation, Central Fulton School District Board of Directors, McConnellsburg Alumni and Friends Association and Fulton Industrial Development Association.

In accepting the award, Bro. Johnston remarked, "I do it because I enjoy doing it ... I learned early in life to help others. My dad is my biggest inspiration. Thank you, Dad, for leading the path."

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