Volume LVAugust 2008Number 3

Assisted Living in Sewickley: You'll Love it Here!

"We have a lot of fun here."

"I don't like to just sit here. I like to be busy," Kathryn Lengyel asserted. Kathryn, a resident at Masonic Village at Sewickley, has lived a very active life in assisted living for the past three years. "We have a lot of fun here," she said.

Whether she's volunteering several hours a week at the Masonic Village Gift Shoppe where she utilizes her accounting skills, saying grace before meals as part of a prayer group or donning a red hat with a clashing purple ensemble as part of the Red Hat Society, Kathryn's constantly busy. In fact, she keeps a note in her suite so people know where to find her if they want to chat.

Kathryn, a Past Worthy Matron, participates daily with the Eastern Star, but she found her calling at Masonic Village through the child care center.

"I had mittens growing up, but I always felt bad for the other children without mittens. Some parents bring their children to the child care center and drop them off with no mittens, so I thought, 'What could I do to help them have nice warm hands?'" Kathryn said. She began knitting mittens for each child.

At full enrollment, the child care center can have 80 children, so keeping track of each child's favorite color and knitting mittens for everyone was a big undertaking. The day she presented the mittens, "Grandma Kay," as the children call her, went to the child care center and watched the clapping and dancing children open their personalized packages. "It made my heart just sing to see them enjoying their mittens," Kathryn said.

While she does the knitting herself, people help by providing yarn. "At large, this world doesn't know how to be kind to each other," Kathryn said. She doesn't run into that problem at Masonic Village, though.

"When a person comes in and they're assigned a room in the Star Points Building, within three days someone will go in and tell the person all about the home so they don't feel left out," Kathryn said. "Age doesn't mean anything here," she said. The sense of community and desire to help neighbors unite the generations.

"It's nice because it's interesting here. The people are interesting... I love it here," Kathryn said. She thinks some people have misconceptions about assisted living, but that at Masonic Village, "people will take care of you."

"I enjoy being here, and I enjoy being able to do everything I do," Kathryn said. Not only can she stay active and participate in a variety of activities, but Kathryn can also find satisfaction in helping neighbors and children while living in an assisted living apartment that gives her "a feeling of safety."

The Star Points assisted living building has immediate availability for individuals seeking a fulfilling lifestyle within a beautiful and secure environment. For more information, call (866) 872-0664.

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