Volume LVAugust 2008Number 3

Another World in Dallas

The Kolchins were among the first people to move to Masonic Village at Dallas.

"We never envisioned moving to another home - our lives were settled in Lehigh County," remarked Brother and Dr. John Kolchin. Then an issue of "The Pennsylvania Freemason" magazine arrived at the Kolchin home. It contained an advertisement about the Masonic Village at Dallas, spurring their curiosity. After a personal tour of the area, they thought, "What a wonderful idea - live in a Masonic Village retirement community!"

"We felt that for our elder care we needed something that Masonic Village could offer," Barbara said. On Aug. 15, 2007, the couple moved into their new cottage at Dallas. "There's never been once that we've regretted the move," Bro. John said.

Despite not knowing anyone in the area when they first moved, "We find plenty of activities," Bro. John said. They joined a local church and temple where they stay actively involved, volunteer at a food pantry, exercise daily, go shopping and attend concerts and cultural events. Bro. John, a member of Canon Lodge No. 104 in South Seaville, N.J., since 1965, with a dual membership in Lehigh Lodge No. 326, Macungie, Pa., appreciates being able to stay involved with Freemasonry.

With such a busy schedule, the couple also found time to work with five local colleges to start a program for seniors to take college courses on a variety of interesting subjects including religion, politics and environmental studies. "Learning and reading is very important to us now. We've been doing it all of our lives," Barbara explained.

Having spent much of their lives working hard in the education field, "We never had a chance to travel and relax, so we travel now," Barbara said. Since moving to Dallas, they've taken a bus trip to Canada, visited Ohio, the Football Hall of Fame and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and went on a cruise. Bro. John and Barbara don't worry about their home when they travel. They know it's well cared for.

"I enjoy the whole house. It's very cozy," Bro. John said. The couple especially likes the sun room on the back of their house that looks out to the forest. During the first snow, they were glued to the window as the couple watched the picturesque scenery sparkle. On other days, they watch the wildlife. "One time, alone, we had a herd of 10 deer [out back]," Bro. John said.

Barbara appreciates the privacy her home provides. Unlike other retirement communities where the houses are packed into a small area, "The cottages here have a lot of room between them," she said.

Living at Dallas has been a blessing for the Kolchins. "We feel like we're in another world. It's really worry free," they said.

Anyone interested in learning more about living at Masonic Village at Dallas should contact the Marketing Office at (866) 851-4243. There are still some apartments and cottages available immediately.

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