Volume LVAugust 2008Number 3

Apartments of Independence
"We would encourage people who want to be independent to come."

Nancy Wenrich likes to tell people, "I feel like I'm living in a five-star hotel, and one day, I'll have to pack up my bags and go home." The décor and belongings are all her own, but sometimes the apartment still seems too good to be true.

"I feel like I'm living in a five-star hotel..."

Bro. Allen and Nancy Wenrich have lived in their new Sycamore South apartment at Masonic Village at Elizabethtown since the building opened in January. Though the couple has been blessed with excellent health, they wanted to move from their Berks County home while they were still physically able to pack by themselves. "It was a time in our lives when we needed to do what we did," Bro. Allen said.

Since moving, Bro. Allen and Nancy have decided that their favorite part of Masonic Village is their independence. "We come and go as we want," Bro. Allen said. "It's just a great place to be. We can leave anytime." This summer, they vacationed in Russia and relaxed knowing that their apartment was cared for by staff while they were gone.

"Everybody will help you out," Bro. Allen said, referring to staff members and neighbors alike. "Everyone says 'good morning' and 'hello,'" he added. It's been easy for the couple to meet friends and neighbors with whom they enjoy spending time. They have countless opportunities to join clubs or participate in activities they're passionate about. Recently, Nancy began singing in the Masonic Village Women's Chorus and Bro. Allen, a 50-year member of St. John's Lodge, No. 435, West Reading, Pa., joined the Village Shrine Club.

Though they rave about the food in the dining room and cafés at Masonic Village, Bro. Allen and Nancy chose not to have a meal plan. "We don't have a meal plan because my husband likes to cook," Nancy said. Bro. Allen joked that he doesn't wear a tuxedo like the servers in the dining hall, so his meal presentation may be lacking, but he can still dish up a delightful dinner that the two can enjoy together.

"We would encourage people who want to be independent to come," Bro. Allen said. Whether it be their apartment decorated to their liking, choice of activities and friends or freedom to vacation wherever they please, the Wenrichs enjoy the liberty they have in every aspect of their lives. "This is the place for us to be," Bro. Allen said. "Life is good."

If you'd like to learn more about Masonic Village at Elizabethtown or tour one of the available apartments in Sycamore North or South, please call the Marketing Office at (800) 676-6452.

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