Volume LVAugust 2008Number 3

New Rainbow Assemblies Are Twice As Exciting
Two new Rainbow Assemblies, constituted on consecutive days,
mark the beginning of a new era of excitement and growth for Pennsylvania Rainbow.

Grand Worthy Advisor Leandra Logan gets a double dose of Grand Lodge congratulations from Thomas K. Sturgeon, R.W. Deputy Grand Master (left) and Stephen Gardner, R.W. Grand Master (right).

On May 31, Mars Assembly No. 124 received its Charter in a special Constitution Ceremony performed by the Grand Officers under the direction of Mrs. Helen Snedden, then Acting Supreme Deputy. Miss Leandra Logan, Grand Worthy Advisor, performed near-flawless ritualistic work in a ceremony seldom performed. The Assembly is sponsored by Mars Chapter No. 271, Order of the Eastern Star, and is supervised by Mrs. Marcia Holland, Worthy Matron, who is serving as the Mother Advisor. It is meeting at the home of John E. Mair Lodge No. 729 in Mars. The Charter Worthy Advisor is Shelby Ainsworth. Bro. Roger Johnson, District Deputy Grand Master for District 27, represented the Grand Lodge at this occasion. It was a joyous event for a full lodge room of supporters who were eligible to attend this closed formal meeting.

The very next day found Mrs. Snedden and the Grand Officers performing the same Constitution ceremony in Bridgewater (Beaver), Pa., at St. James Lodge No. 457, where Beaver Valley Assembly No. 187 will meet. The pressure to perform well was on, as Bro. Stephen Gardner, R.W. Grand Master, and his party, were present for the program. The Rainbow Grand Officers did not fail to leave a lasting positive impression on everyone in the room! The Grand Master gave high praise to their work, and at the same time congratulated Ashley Ridgeway and her officers in the new Assembly for being the Charter Officers, noting that, in future years, they will look back at this day with great pride for pioneering this Assembly.

Mrs. Fannie Hall is the Mother Advisor, and she receives tremendous support from Glen R. Krugle, District Deputy Grand Master for District 37, and Bro. William F. Weichsel, P.D.D.G.M., who were both instrumental in the successful formation of this Assembly and who both serve on the Advisory Board.

Each Assembly is supervised by an Advisory Board consisting of 15 Master Masons and Eastern Star members who care about the future of our youth and who are giving unselfishly of their time to provide a quality program for these young ladies. All of the Masonic youth groups can grow and prosper when given support like this.

The Grand Officers performed outstanding ritualistic and floor work, as shown in this "Closing Cross Ceremony." The Officers of Beaver Valley Assembly No. 187 pose with the Grand Worthy Advisor, R. W. Grand Master Stephen Gardner and the Grand Lodge officers who attended the Constitution Ceremony.

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