Volume LVAugust 2008Number 3

Marine Receives Degrees & Grandfathers' Bibles

Garrett D. Robinson always wanted to follow in the footsteps of his family and become a Mason. His father, grandfathers, greatgrandfather, great-uncles and family friends all followed the path in Freemasonry. However, his U.S. Marine Corps career kept him on the West Coast, along with numerous deployments in the past 11 years. When Staff Sergeant Robinson realized he would soon deploy again, he asked his father, former Marine Bro. Russell A. Robinson, for a petition. Bro. Robinson spoke with the officers of Friendship Lodge No. 663, Fawn Grove. The investigating committee exchanged numerous e-mails and phone calls with Staff Sergeant Robinson, and one member even traveled to California to sit with him. Bro. Robert L. Sprenkle III, W.M., contacted Bro. Victor M. Frederick III, P.M, Mt. Pickering Lodge No. 446, Upper Uwchland, and invited the Hiram Scottish Riders' degree team to officiate over the 3rd degree of Freemasonry for Staff Sergeant Robinson. All was in place for May 24; however, the Marine Corps compressed the training and deployment dates, so Friendship Lodge officers quickly came up with an alternate date of April 23 and obtained the dispensation from Stephen Gardner, R.W. Grand Master, to raise Staff Sergeant Robinson to the sublime degree of a Master Mason in one day.

After the conferrals, Bro. Russell A. Robinson presented his son with two Bibles, one from each grandfather, along with additional family Masonic items and family Masonic history. The officers and members present congratulated Bro. Staff Sergeant Garrett D. Robinson, thanked him for his service and wished him well on his deployment on May 4.

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