Volume LIVAugust 2007Number 3

PMYF Scholarships Awarded

The Educational Endowment Fund Committee of the Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation recently selected 39 students to receive $62,550 in scholarship awards. The annual program runs from Oct. 1 through March 15, when applications may be submitted. There were over 240 applications this year, representing students from every county in the Commonwealth. Many were deserving students, but the awards are limited to the income from the Educational Endowment Fund, which only grows through YOUR contributions. The Masonic Scholarship Resource Guide for the 2008 program, and the 2008 application, will be available Oct. 1, 2007. The application and the scholarship summaries are always current and available on the Internet at http://www.pagrandlodge.org/pmyf.

The 2007 award winners are:

Grand Master's Scholarships $2,500
Sarah Brill, Stephen Logan, Jr., Nicole L. Denlinger

Harry M. Ormston Four-Year Renewing Scholarship
(2007- 2010) $2,000 x 4 years

Michael L. Brown, Jaime Renninger, Elizabeth Lennox, Katherine Wells

Lawrence Dietrich Smith Memorial Scholarship $1,000
Krysta Lobb, Marsia Painter, William D. Miller, Jr.

Harry M. Ormston Scholarship $2,000
Leandra Edith Logan, Samantha N. Migliori, Kelly S. LaTourette, Alexis Dinerstein

Raymond A. Krome Scholarship $2,000
Bradley R. Beers, Sarah F. Connelly, Lisa M. McCorkel, Deborah L. Marshall, Sarah Adams, Laura R. Moyer, Ryan M. Pischke

Herman Witte Scholarship $1,500
Josiah D. Fry, Kevin W. Kaufman

David Bondzio Scholarship $1,500
Caitlin Sarah Hirneisen, Christopher J. VonVolkenburg, Michael C. Ferraro

Clarence Uhland Scholarship $1,000
Punit Singh

James Booth Scholarship $1,000
Shawn L. Bookwalter

Theodore K. Warner Scholarship $1,000
Emily Stehman

Pennsylvania Masonic Youth Foundation Scholarship $2,000
Katherine Larimer, Ashley E. Just

Charles R. Nebel Scholarship $1,000
Justin C. Dunmire, Derek J. Eodice, David A. Labagh, Punit Singh

Charles and Phyllis Schaeffer Scholarship $1,000
David A. Labagh

Michael H. Gotshall Memorial Scholarship $400
Nicole L. Denlinger

Abraham C. Treichler Lodge No. 682 Scholarships $200
David A. Labagh, Michael R. Labagh

Loretta N. Scheirer Nursing Scholarship $250
Leandra Edith Logan

Stillman Leadership Scholarship $500
Kaitlin Davis

DeMolays "Wow" Norristown Lodge No. 620

When Worshipful Master George Lozinak asked for a DeMolay program at Norristown Lodge No. 620, he didn't know what the boys would be doing, be he was assured it would be both entertaining and educational.

Front row, left to right: George Lozinack, W.M., Robert Walking, Master Councilor, and Gary Gerlach, the newest member of Freedom Chapter, shown with members of Freedom Chapter and Norristown Lodge No. 620.

Freedom Chapter, which meets in Christiana and Quarryville, Lancaster County, brought a special program to the lodge. With a candidate for membership waiting to be inducted, they showed the lodge members how the "short-form" Obligation Ceremony is conducted in DeMolay. This is a relatively new program for DeMolay. It used to take a corps of at least 15 officers and a lot of rehearsals to present the full degrees of membership. It is now more common for chapters to obligate the new members when they are ready to join, and see that they view the full degrees at a later date during a regional or statewide conferral.

The candidate, Gary Gerlach, is the best friend of newlyelected Junior Councilor Cameron Kortze. Cameron had tried to get Gary to join for over a year, but Gary wasn't ready to commit. Then, on April 14, as Cameron's family was preparing a move to a new house, Cameron's mom asked for DeMolay help. Eight members of the chapter showed up to assist, and Gary was impressed at how well the members worked together to support a brother and his family in need. Shortly thereafter, he told Cameron he wanted to join.

In Freedom Chapter, it is becoming a tradition for the firstline- signer to obligate the new member. Cameron requested to perform the obligation for his best friend at the program for Norristown Lodge. He performed it perfectly, without any hesitation or prompting. After the program, Chapter Advisor Ken Walking informed the members of the lodge that this was the first time Cameron had performed an Obligation in public. A very hearty round of applause erupted, and the members of the lodge agreed to sponsor Cameron's attendance at this year's PA DeMolay Key Man Leadership Conference at the Masonic Conference Center-Patton Campus in Elizabethtown.

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