Volume LIVAugust 2007Number 3

Special Holiday Gifts

One of the most important individuals in Pennsylvania Freemasonry and American history is Brother Benjamin Franklin. A two-term Grand Master of Pennsylvania, Bro. Franklin achieved countless, now legendary triumphs, both in America and internationally, for the fraternity, as well as in science, literature, technology, diplomacy and government.

Last year marked the 300th anniversary of his birth, which was celebrated throughout Pennsylvania and the world. To continue honoring the memory of this renowned American patriot, The Masonic Library and Museum of Pennsylvania has collaborated with the acclaimed family-owned and Pennsylvania-based company, Byers' Choice, Ltd., to produce a limited hand-made edition of one of their trademark carolers.

Byers' Choice was established in the late 1960s by Mrs. Joyce Byers, who was disappointed in the way the December holidays had become so commercialized. She desired holiday decorations that displayed the warmth and established traditions of this joyous time of year, so she made her own from what she had around the house. The first Carolers graced the family's holiday dining room table, and the next were sold quickly at a local store. Byers' Choice has continued to grow and expand through several decades to its current team of 180 artisans who handcraft those same wonderful creations.

A. Byers' Choice Brother Benjamin Franklin Caroler $70.00

The limited edition Brother Franklin Caroler was exclusively produced for The Masonic Library and Museum of PA. Bro. Franklin is adorned in 18th century attire worn when he proudly served two terms as Grand Master. PA hand-made, he stands 13" tall and would be a welcome addition to any home.
B. Tun Tavern Painting $15.00

10"x14" reproduction print of original watercolor by Devon, Pa., artist David Hughes. Mr. Hughes has painted over 70 historical sites in the U.S., including the exterior of the Masonic Temple in Philadelphia.
C. Limited Edition Tun Tavern Commemorative Sculpture $69.95

Hand-sculpted and painted with UL-approved interior battery-operated lighting. Measures 10" wide x 9" high x 9" deep; set on walnut base with brass nameplate and emblem(s). U.S. Marine Corps emblem optional.

Note: The Tun Tavern was the first meeting place of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania and the U.S. Marine Corps.
New Temple Treasures Gift Shop Items

D. Old World Christmas Globe $30.00

Hand-blown and hand-painted in Poland.Large,
"grapefruit sized."
E. Teddy Bears $14.00

Select gray or tan bear in blue shirt.
Select t-shirt with Temple or Square & Compasses imprint.
Approx. 11" long
  F. "MASON" Jigsaw Puzzle $8.00

Rated "difficult."
Suitable for framing when finished.
500 pieces, approx. 15"x21" finished.
  G. Cat's Meow® Keepsake of the Masonic Temple $15.00

Made in USA.
Brief description of the Masonic Temple in
Philadelphia and Freemasonry on the back.
Approx. 7"x5 ½" in wood.
  H. Book Mark of The Masonic Temple $6.50

Gold tone with tab to keep your page.
Measures approx. 1½"x2"
  I. Canvas Tote Bag $10.00

Select Masonic Temple or Square & Compass Screenprint.
Pocket in front, navy and white.
  J. My Dad is a Freemason $16.95

Author Bro. Richard Vang of Voorheesville, N.Y.
Suitable for readers ages 8 and up. 32 pages, paperback,
with glossary and personal Masonic history page.

Place your order today!
Call 1-800-336-7317 BEFORE ordering
for total cost, including shipping & handling,
prior to sending payment.

Audio CDs Now Available!

Especially for those who spend large amounts of time on the road, we have begun to enlarge your Library's Audio-Books-on- CD collection.

The bulk of the new audio CDs are historical fiction, some of which may be "old friends" as books. They are presented unabridged on CD. So far they are: Baigent, Leigh and Lincoln's "Holy Blood, Holy Grail," Steve Berry's "The Templar Legacy," Raymond Khoury's "The Last Templar," Dan Brown's "Angels and Demons" and "DaVinci Code," as well as David Shugart's "Secrets of the Widow's Son," the mysteries surrounding the sequel to "The DaVinci Code."

For those interested in Masonic biographies, there is one on Bro. Winston Churchill.

If you do not see them on the Web site, please e-mail Assistant Librarian Cathy Giaimo to request them.

So now, if you had "meant to read ..." but have not had the time to sit down with a book, you can sit behind the wheel and read by listening. Also for your listening pleasure, there are CDs of music composed by Brothers Sousa, Sibelius and Mozart, and played or sung by other Masons.

But please, while you enjoy listening to the CDs, drive carefully! Among others who care, your brothers would like to see you safe and sound in lodge!

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