Volume LIVAugust 2007Number 3

How Scouting Ideals Led Me to Freemasonry
by Bro. Dennis R. Malcolm, of Ames, New York, member of Indiana-Franklin Lodge No. 313, Indiana, PA

My Scouting experience predates my becoming a Master Mason by many years. I would say Scouting led me to becoming a Mason.

Scouting has been part of my life for well over 37 years. Starting as a Bobcat and continuing to the rank of Eagle, the basics of Scouting were laid out by leaders who were truly mighty men in my life. From using electricity to knowing tree names without using the leaves; from cooking to learning how to become a Troop administrator, these men molded my thoughts, words and deeds. They introduced me to the outdoors, culminating with a back country trip to Alquonquin Park in Ontario, Canada, in 1965.

Scouting teaches ideals through the 12 laws and the Scout Oath. The most important three ideals: 1) God, 2) Country, 3) Others, are always visible. I remember these three ideals being mounted above the fireplace in the dining hall of the Scout camp.

Now, after over 37 years and obtaining many great memories as a Scout Leader myself, I feel I have passed on my Scout knowledge to a younger generation. I am an Eagle Scout, recipient of the Daniel Carter Beard Award and the Celtic Cross from The Presbyterian Church. But I am most proud of helping 132 young men obtain the Eagle Scout award.
So, how does this tie Scouting to Masonry? I came to be a Mason through my father's guidance; he was one of those mighty men I mentioned before. The first thing I noticed was like Scouting, Masonry has an older generation passing on the ideals to a younger generation. Many of these men have just as much patience as a Scoutmaster. Secondly, ideals are of the most importance. These happen to be the same ideals as Scouting: 1) God, 2) Country, 3) Others. Masons use the same leadership principals from the Worshipful Master down to the Tyler. Each works with others and all work for the same goals. This is the same as in Scouting. Scouting goes from Scoutmaster down to the boy leaders, and through leader guidance, all work for the same goal!

Freemasonry and Scouting share the same ideals through oaths and laws. If the three shared ideals were followed by others in America today, our greatness would be assured of continuing for future generations!

A Few Recent Recipients of the
Daniel Carter Beard Masonic Scouter Award:

Bro. Richard W. Shevalier, III, was presented with the award at the April Stated Meeting of Whitfield Lodge No. 622, Tatamy, on April 10, 2006. A moving presentation was made by Bro. Michael J. Febbo, District Deputy Grand Master for District 50, after a "Boy Scouts of America" presentation by Bro. Bryan L. Hill, P.M., Barger Lodge No. 325, Stroudsburg. Dispensation was received for all awardees from districts 9, 10 and 50 to attend in their Boy Scout uniforms, shown in the photo below.

Front row, left to right: Brothers Wayne H. Sandt, Easton Lodge No. 152; Richard W. Shevalier, III, awardee; Michael J. Febbo, D.D.G.M. for District 50; Bryan L. Hill, P.M.; and Claude Jay Rutan, Easton Lodge No. 152

Back row, left to right: Brothers George W. Young, P.M., Porter Lodge No. 284, North Catasauqua; Paul B. Kichline, Easton Lodge No. 152; Ralph H. Slider, D.D.G.M. for District 10; Jody C. Pysher and Kenneth J. Rutt, P.M., both of Portland Lodge No. 311; and Frederick J. Ritter, Jr., Prosperity Lodge No. 567, Riegsville

In September 2006, Bro. Jack E. Flaugh, P.M., District Deputy Grand Master for District 25, presented Bro. Terry L. Barton, Sr., of Lodge No. 304, Albion, with his Daniel Carter Beard Award. He, along with Bro. Dennis L. Palo, who also was presented his Daniel Carter Beard Award in 2004 by Bro. Flaugh, are shown to the left with Dennis Palo's sons, James Palo and Jacob Palo. Bro. Flaugh presented these young men their Eagle Scout Awards, along with the Grand Master's Appreciation Awards for attaining the Boy Scout rank of Eagle Scout. These two fine youth also have both served as leaders of Erie Chapter, Order of DeMolay. Jake is a Past Master Councilor, and James is presently the Junior Councilor.

Left to right: Bro. Terry L. Barton, Sr., Jacob Palo, Bro. Jack E. Flaugh, D.D.G.M., James Palo and Bro. Dennis Palo

For more information on the Daniel Carter Beard Masonic Scouting Award, log on to www.pagrandlodge.org/pyf/pgm/ scouter.

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