Volume LIVAugust 2007Number 3

High Frequency Help

Part of the appeal of amateur, or Ham, radio is the opportunity to connect with friends and strangers across the country and even the world. Even though most people may never meet "the voices" they hear, using a Ham radio builds a unique relationship based on a shared hobby.

For Bro. Joe Shuey (NE3H), Eureka Lodge No. 302, Mechanicsburg, the connections he made over the airwaves came in handy when he needed some mechanical assistance with the mast of his Ham radio antenna. After his antenna tower sustained damage from a wind storm this past spring, he sent out a call for help. Five friends quickly responded. Although the call was sent to many individuals, when they met to work on the repairs on April 28, they discovered themselves in the middle of another example of Masons Helping Masons.

"It's always good to get together with other Ham radio enthusiasts, as we spend most of our time communicating over the air," Bro. Glenn Kurzenknabe (K3SWZ), Robert Burns Lodge No. 464, Harrisburg, said. "This particular time, we were coincidentally all Masons."

In addition to Bro. Glenn, the fellow operators were Bro. Steve Cutshall (K3TZV), Lewistown Lodge No. 203; and Bros. Dusty Chapman (K3WC), Chuck Greiner (N3WL) and Dave Smith (W3SOX), all of Robert Burns Lodge No. 464.

"It's a complex system and there's no way you can fix it by yourself," Bro. Joe said. "We've known each other for years and help each other with this sort of thing whenever we can."

The repair was no easy task, requiring the better part of a day to complete. Removing a 20' mast, located 70' in the air, requires several people on the roof and on the ground. After the repairs were made, everything had to be put back up on the roof. The weight of the mast made things difficult and the tall trees surrounding Bro. Joe's house did not facilitate the process, either.

Despite its challenges, the effort was a success and Bro. Shuey is back on the air talking to fellow brothers and the world.

*The alpha-numeric codes after each brother's name are their Ham radio call letters, used on the air to legally identify themselves during communications.

Officers Show Support for Masonic Unity

Royal Arch Masons from Susquehanna Chapter No. 276, Eureka Chapter No. 179, Warren Chapter No. 180 and a Grand Representative from the Grand Chapter of New York, met in the Susquehanna Masonic Hall for an "official visit" of John P. Zickler, District Deputy Grand High Priest. Nine blue lodges, from four Masonic districts, were also represented. Companion Robert Whitney, of Susquehanna Chapter No. 276, was awarded his 25- year chapter emblem that evening as well.

Front row, left to right: Benjamin Beynon, KYCH, MEHP No. 179 Eureka, Waymart; Maurice Sweitzer, KYCH, Grand Rep. to Oklahoma for the Grand Chapter of NY and member of Windsor NY Chapter; Dieter Dauber, P.D.D.G.M. for District 15; John Zickler, KYCH, DDGHP 7th Capitular District; Jared Horn, MEHP No. 180 Warren, Montrose; F. Dean Lewis, KYCH, P.D.D.G.M. 6th Cryptic District; and W. Meredith Golden III, KYCH, MPPGM, Grand Council

Middle row, left to right: Barney Wilkins, MEHP No. 276, Susquehanna; Keith Foster; Erwin Herman, PHP; Richard Klem Sr., Scribe No. 276; William Hand, PHP; Eugene R. Graves, KYCH; Gary Baker; Edward F. Collins, PHP; Richard Allen, KYCH; Robert H. Benson, KYCH; and Howard Gray

Back row, left to right: Robert Whitney; David Lewis, PHP, PGS for Grand Council; Daniel Rupakus, PHP; Robert Page, PHP; Gerald Parks, PHP; Fred Baker, KYCH; Jeff Burman; Robert DiPalma; and Anthony S. Gerchman, KYCH

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