Volume LIIIAugust 2006Number 3

2006 Pennsylvania Miss Job's Daughter's Pageant

All of the 2006 contestants with last year's Miss Job's Daughter, Allison Stains, and Miss Congeniality, Christi Miller.

Move over, Gary Collins! Our own R.W. Grand Master Ronald A. Aungst, Sr., took to the stage as emcee for the 2006 PA Miss Job's Daughter's Pageant. The Grand Master offered a suggestion after watching a Mason from another jurisdiction serve as emcee for the 2005 pageant. "I'm sure that there are some Pennsylvania Masons who can do this for you," he mused. Happy for the genuine interest expressed by the Grand Master, Miss Allison Stains extended the official invitation to him to host her final event as Miss Job's Daughter 2005-2006.

The Grand Master spent most of the weekend with the pageant program, participating in contestant interviews and getting to know more of the members and adult volunteers of the PA Job's Daughters program. And they couldn't have been more pleased. In addition to simply enjoying the Grand Master's company and comfortable manner with young people (his experience as an educator was certainly evident), the Job's Daughters were especially grateful for the level of commitment and support from the Masonic fraternity demonstrated by the Grand Master's presence.

At the culminating pageant event on Saturday night, the Grand Master served as co-emcee with Mrs. Sarah Stains, a Past Miss Job's Daughter of PA, and sister-in-law of retiring Miss Job's Daughter, Allison Stains.

Not only was the Grand Master there to serve as co-emcee, but all of the contestants were also escorted by District Deputy Grand Masters and other Grand Lodge officers, all in full Masonic regalia. The support of the Masonic fraternity for this event was obvious to all in attendance!

The pageant itself went off without a hitch, with all contestants making Job's Daughters proud with their outstanding performance. Watching these poised, professional and courteous young ladies, it's not hard to see why we're proud of our Masonic Youth!

Lest the word "pageant" mislead you, know that this annual event is not a beauty pageant, but rather an event designed to raise funds for the Job's Daughters scholarship programs, as well as to select the annual Miss Job's Daughter and Miss Congeniality, who will serve as key leaders and public representatives for PA Job's Daughters in the coming year. Contestants compete in such areas as Ritual knowledge, etiquette and public speaking.

At the end of Saturday night's well-organized program, Miss Christy Blaisdell, of Bethel 7, Columbia, was selected as Miss Job's Daughter for 2006-2007, and Miss Lindsey Kissinger, also of Bethel 7, Columbia, was selected as Miss Congeniality. (Ed. Note: Bethel 7 is now meeting in Manheim.)

Congratulations to all participants and to our Grand Master and Grand Lodge leadership for their excellent display of support for our youth!

Seated, left-right: New Miss Job's Daughter, Christy Blaisdell, and Miss Congeniality, Lindsey Kissinger. Standing, left-right: Carl F. Berger, D-11; Ryan R.A. Aungst, Grand Sword Bearer; Robert S. Conway, D-1; Jay W. Smith, R.W. Junior Grand Warden; Noble P. Johnson, D-60; Ronald A. Aungst, Sr., R.W. Grand Master; Mark A. Haines, R.W. Grand Secretary; Kenneth E. Beard Jr., D-2; Merrill R. Shaffer, D-19; and Richard L. Wagner, D-34.

Photography by Mike Inkrote

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