Volume LIIIAugust 2006Number 3

Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania Offers New Credit Cards
Rewards for You, Benefits for Masonic Charities

The Grand Lodge is excited to announce changes to our credit card program - a new card, a new bank and a new rewards program to better serve members! What is different about this new card? It now provides an awards program that benefits the member while at the same time allowing you to support your fellow brethren and their loved ones receiving services through one of our Masonic Charities. It makes it even easier to be Masons Helping Masons!

You will receive a promotional mailing within a few weeks to apply for this new card. When you activate your new card with U.S. Bank, and each time you use it, a donation is made to help support Pennsylvania Masonic programs. This new card will be the only card that supports the Grand Lodge and our Masonic Charities. Please consider changing if you have a credit card under the old program, so your purchases can continue to benefit our Masonic Charities. The Grand Lodge encourages every Pennsylvania Mason to join this new partnership and to apply for and use this new card when you receive the promotional mailing.

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