Volume LIIIAugust 2006Number 3

Wardens' Workshops Educate 500+

"Preceding my term in office as Grand Master, one of the things I heard from the membership was that, in a significant number of lodges, there was a lack of strong leadership," said R.W. Grand Master Ronald A. Aungst, Sr. "From my previous experience on the Masonic Education Committee, I knew the Wardens' Workshops would facilitate and fulfill that need."

The purpose of the Junior and Senior Warden Training Workshops is to teach Wardens how to operate a lodge, better understand the Craft, plan for interesting and quality speakers and organize strong committees. The training can provide insight, guidance and motivation to men who may be unsure of themselves and prepare them to become successful as they advance to the position of Worshipful Master within their lodges.

The Grand Master charged District Deputy Grand Masters with the responsibility of having at least one Warden from every lodge within their district, or 443+ wardens across the state, attend one of the seven Wardens' Workshops. More than 500 Masons attended this year's workshops, hosted by the Committee on Masonic Education. "The workshops have been extremely positive," said Committee Chair Edward O. Weisser, R.W.P.G.M.

"It is my belief that, if we train our officers to be good leaders, they will build more productive and active lodges, which will create a snowball effect as they encourage the membership to become more enthusiastic and fruitful," the Grand Master said. "And the stronger we become by making good men better, the more adept we are at becoming Masons Helping Masons."

According to Bro. Weisser, planning for the 2007 workshops has begun and may include additional topics based on feedback from this year's sessions. As soon as dates and locations for the Wardens' Workshops are confirmed, all lodges will be notified.

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