Volume LIIIAugust 2006Number 3


Brotherly Love Crosses State Lines
The following letter was forwarded to R.W. Grand
Master Ronald A. Aungst, Sr., and is an excellent
example of Masons Helping Masons:

Most Worshipful Grand Master,

Greetings and salutations! I am Dennis M. Williams, Past Master of Wallace Lodge No. 49 in Gray Court, S.C. Although I am still a member in good standing of my home lodge in South Carolina, I currently reside in Pennsylvania. Recently, my Dad, Jerry D. Williams, Sr., P.D.D.G.M. of the 13th Masonic District of the Grand Jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of S.C., was visiting along with my Mom. While at church at Oakmost United Methodist Church where I attend, a brother and Past Master, John Burrows, invited us to attend lodge with him on Tuesday, April 4, 2006. We graciously accepted his offer to attend Verona Lodge No. 548 in Verona, Pa. After being properly examined, I was passed and was proud to vouch for my Dad.

Although their opening and closing ceremonies are somewhat different, we also noticed several similarities. One of the greatest similarities, however, was the brotherly love and fellowship they extended to us. We were treated as honored guests, recognized, and showered with gifts and tokens to commemorate our visit. Also, it just so happened that Bro. Robert F. Dunkel, D.D.G.M. of the 38th District, was making his official visit that evening, and he asked my Dad, as a P.D.D.G.M., to address the brethren, and presented him with the Pennsylvania Grand Master's pin. We were overwhelmed by their kindness and proud to see that brotherly love and affection is not confined to state lines.

It is my hope, and request, that you would extend our appreciation through the Grand Lodge of South Carolina to the R.W. Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania and inform him that brotherly love and fellowship are alive and well in Verona Lodge No. 548. Let him know how impressed we were with their work, but, more especially, their love and hospitality for fellow Masons. The experience is one that I will never forget. It was especially memorable because I got to share this with my Father.

Humbly yours,

Dennis M. Williams, P.M., Wallace Lodge No. 49

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