Volume LIIIAugust 2006Number 3


Weisser Receives Award for
State Businessman of the Year

Bro. William Weisser receives the Small Businessman of the Year Award for Pennsylvania from U.S. Congressman Rick Renzi.

"It's been a fascinating journey." Bro. William W. Weisser, Lodge No. 427, isn't just speaking about his two-day trip in April 2006 to Washington, D.C. to receive the Small Businessman of the Year Award for Pennsylvania from the National Business Advisory Council, which also honored more than 100 outstanding small business owners from the United States.

His "fascinating journey" began 44 years ago when he took over sales and community development for his parents' 15-year-old manufacturing and housing business. He then transitioned the business into his own company, Weisser Homes, Inc., a modular home builder/dealer that serves the industry in all facets. He runs the business with his wife, Geraldine, and their two sons, Scott and William, Jr.

Weisser Homes has grown steadily over the years. In the October 2005 issue of Automated Builder, Weisser Homes was listed the 25th largest modular home producer east of the Mississippi. In the November issue, Weisser Homes was listed as the 75th largest modular home producer in the United States.

In 2005, Bro. Weisser also received the Ronald Reagan Republican Gold Medal Award, which honors Republicans who demonstrate outstanding leadership in business and display commitment to President Reagan's entrepreneurial vision.

"It was a very exciting experience," Bro. Weisser said of his recent awards. "I was very proud to be able to achieve this. This was a great way to end a nice career."

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