Volume LIIIAugust 2006Number 3


Hiram Scottish Riders Raise More than Money;
They Have a Degree Team to Raise Masons!
"When we're on our bikes wearing helmets, we're raising money to help children.
When we're in a Blue Lodge wearing tuxedos, we're raising men to be Master Masons."

Hiram Scottish Riders on the road to raise funds for charity.

With that analogy, Michael D. Wolfe, P.M., Ephrata Lodge No. 665, explained that Hiram Scottish Riders club, already well known for their fundraising motorcycle rides to help dyslexic children, now has a degree team made up entirely of Hiram Riders from the Scottish Rite Valley of Reading.

Bro. Wolfe, the club's Vice President, further explained, "We specialize in the Master Mason Degree and offer to confer it for Pennsylvania lodges that ask us to do so. Sometimes, the newly raised brother is a worthy man who approached a Hiram Rider to learn about the fraternity and hoped to become a Scottish Rite Mason and, ultimately, join the motorcycle club. But, that does not have to be the case; we look forward to raising any new brother in any lodge that invites us."

The Hiram Scottish Riders Degree Team is pictured after conferring the Master Mason Degree on Bro. Donald Graby (center of second row). They are (l-r): Front row -William J. Mills, P.M.; Edward R. Stein, D.D.G.M., and Thomas Gamon, IV, D.D.G.M.; Second row - Bros. Rob K. Heddens, J.W.; Victor M. Frederick III, P.M.; Graby; John K. March, P.M.; and Raymond Thompson, Jr., S.D.; Third row - Bros. Chester R. Pierce, P.M.; John D. Derfler; Gregory O. Ely; and Michael D. Wolfe, P.M. Back row - Bros. Andrew Weitzenkorn, P.M.; Robert K. Miller, J.W.; William J. Guisseppe, S.W.; and Thomas C. Keen, P.M.

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