"Bring A Friend" Program on Autumn Day

"Bring a Friend" to Autumn Day on Saturday, Oct. 4, and invite him to visit the Lodge Room there to learn about Freemasonry. The Operation Rescue/Recovery Committee will be presenting special programs for friends who may be potential members at 11:00 a.m., noon, 1:00 p.m., and 2:00 p.m. The program will include the video, "I Heard the Name, What does It Mean?"

"Bring A Friend" is a program fostered by the Membership Committee to encourage and assist "Ambassadors for Freemasonry" -- that's you and the Brethren in your Lodge ­ to invite friends to a meeting to introduce them to the Craft and show them how they can grow through the teachings of the Fraternity. Providing this opportunity during Autumn Day resulted from a recommendation by the Membership Chairman for the 5th Masonic District, Phillip B. DeMarra, P.M., Howell Lodge No. 405, Honey Brook, who said:

"The introduction of potential new members into the Fraternity is special and important. There is nothing like watching men grow and better themselves as they get involved in Freemasonry. Opportunities are available within the Lodge to those who want to challenge themselves or enjoy the fellowship of Masonic relationships. The interesting part of new membership is its functional effect on the Lodge. The very structure of the Lodge is based on the introduction of new members. It is like watering your garden-- as new members enter the Lodge, new potentials can be seen and relationships are developed. The Lodge goes from being parched and dry to growing and functional. Therefore, the solution to most Lodge difficulties is new membership."

Your Lodge needs YOU to act as the Ambassador of Freemasonry! "Bring A Friend" to Autumn Day.

Please be sure to indicate on the Autumn Day R.S.V.P. form on page 10 the number of friends (and their ladies and families) you will be bringing so that proper plans can be made for all aspects of that great day, especially food preparation.

We look forward to seeing you and your friends in Elizabethtown.