youthMasons Care About Youth September is Masonic Youth Month:

The Right Worshipful Grand Master, Marvin A. Cunningham, Sr., has declared that September 2002 is to be Masonic Youth Month in all Pennsylvania lodges as a time to recognize and demonstrate our support for Masonically related youth groups and to learn more about them. The purpose of this program is to share the unique value of the youth groups, and the importance of providing a Masonically related youth group opportunity to the young people in your community.

The Pennsylvania Youth Foundation will be providing each worshipful master with a videotape for an in-lodge presentation including introductory and concluding notes for a presenter. The video will be approximately 10 minutes in length, so the total program, with remarks, should be no longer than 15 minutes. The program can be presented either in the lodge room when called off from labor or in the social room. If presented in the social room, it would be a good program to which ladies and family members could be invited.

Masonic Youth Month is a time to share what a Masonically related youth group is, what it does for young people, what it does for your Masonic community, and how you can get involved. It also will share information about other Pennsylvania Youth Foundation programs that are available to young people who are affiliated with lodge members. Additional topics to be covered include scholarships, the Life Skills Conference, youth speakers for the lodges, and special events for the Masonically related youth groups.

The videotape and program outline will be mailed to all worshipful masters in mid-August so that they will have time to review the materials prior to the presentation. The worshipful master may choose to have the chairman of the Lodge Youth Committee, an elected lodge officer, or a past master present the program.

posterAfter the program, lodges will be able to keep the videotape to circulate to members who were not able to attend the lodge's Masonic Youth Month meeting.


Do you know a young person between the ages of 12 and 18 who could benefit from membership in a Masonically related youth group? Click on the image of the poster for a printable pdf, use the referral form on the page to let us know his or her name and location.

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