Donald L. Albert, R.W.G.S.

During Secretaries Seminars this year, two areas of great interest to all Masons were highlighted by the presentations and conversations that related to our Masonic Temple in Philadelphia and the Masonic Homes.

It was recommended by the lodge secretaries that we advise all members and lodges that they should visit both locations to gain a better appreciation for what we do and what we are all about.

The Masonic Temple in Philadelphia is open for tours most weekdays, except on holidays. After you have visited the Temple, I am sure you will agree that words cannot describe what you have seen, nor express what you experienced. The Masonic Temple's on-line "Tour of the Temple" at will provide you with a portion of what you will experience with an on-site visit. Should you desire to plan a tour of this architectural masterpiece, you can find the tour hours on the same web site or call (215) 988-1917 for information.

The Masonic Homes is a must for you to visit. Likewise, under "Masonic Homes" on the same web site as above, on-site tours are available which include information for your personal visit. Additional information can be obtained by calling (717) 367-1121. A very good time to visit is on Autumn Day, Saturday, Sept. 21. You can find complete information about Autumn Day in this issue of The Pennsylvania Freemason On-Line (click here).

One topic in regard to the Masonic Homes that has come to our attention during meetings with lodge secretaries is a misunderstanding of the policy regarding the treatment of finances upon an individual's admission to the Masonic Homes at Elizabethtown, the Masonic Eastern Star Home-East at Warminster, or the Masonic Village at Sewickley. Residents maintain ownership of their financial resources; they do not turn assets over to the Masonic Homes. This has been the practice since June 6, 1988 (14 years). The Masonic Homes bills available assets for services provided to residents. The charitable mission to provide services to individuals according to their ability to pay has never changed. Two-thirds of our residents benefit from fraternal (financial) support from our great Fraternity.

I hope this basic information will inspire you to visit two of the magnificent locations that you, as a Pennsylvania Freemason, are providing.