The Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania web site is a useful tool for members and non-members looking for information to enhance their Masonic knowledge and experience.

We must be doing something right because in 2001 we are averaging more than 1,500 visitors per day, or more than 500,000 visitors per year! Put another way, we are serving more than 4,700 pages per day, or 1.7 million pages of data, photos, and information per year. Is there a better way to reach our members and the general public?

What's New on the Web Site?

A.E.D.s: A complete module of materials, forms, and guidelines for placing automated external defibrillators (A.E.D.s) in the community.

History: A historical review of the verified Masonic Signers of the Declaration of Independence.

Magazine: The February and May 2001 editions of The Pennsylvania Freemason On-Line Edition and the 2000 Annual Report of the Masonic Charities.

Awards: Pages detailing the new Thomson Cup for Saving a Human life, and the Wanamaker Medal for Humanitarian Service.

New Videos: New on-line videos, including the new Job's Daughters promotion, and the instructional video entitled "Critical Decisions" about the need for A.E.D.'s in public access locations.

District Sites: We have helped to enable the Masonic Districts 5 and 42 sites and have facilitated the posting of numerous new lodge sites hosted free by the committee.

E-mail for Every Lodge: Most significantly, we have provided an e-mail link to every lodge in the Commonwealth through our Lodge Locator. Now, when a visitor is considering visiting a lodge, he can send an e-mail directly to the lodge secretary to verify the meeting time and date. (For those lodge secretaries who do not have e-mail yet, the messages are printed at the Grand Secretary's office, and mailed to the intended recipient.)

More Jobs: More than 1,000 Pennsylvania Masons have signed into the On-Line Employment Center. At present, 61 resumes and 17 jobs are posted. We know that numerous contacts have been made between potential employers and employees, but it is entirely anonymous - which is the way it should be. We are helping brothers network within the fraternity, without invading their privacy.

Masonic Youth on the Web: We also have facilitated significant improvements in the web sites of the DeMolay, Rainbow, and Job's Daughters largely through their volunteer participation and enthusiastic creativity.

Wonderful comments from all around the world are left in the on-line guest book, often complimenting what visitors have seen on-line. Those are not really kudos for the web site, but rather, for the rich variety and texture of the entire Pennsylvania Masonic experience which we are permitted to share with the world at large through a web browser and the communication marvel called the internet.