ftf31What is the true meaning of Masonry? Without a doubt, Masonry is a challenge for a new beginning for a good man to become an even better one. We've heard that said so often, but I know it's right because that's my heartfelt belief based on my own experiences.

ftf32If someone were to ask me why he should become a Mason, I would tell him simply what being a Mason has given to me. When I became part of the Fraternity - or maybe I should say when Freemasonry became an important part of my life - I learned more about standards of living that are God-blessed and even more about faith, trust, honesty, respect, and deepening concern for others before self. I have come to think of the "Masonic way of life" that I appreciate today as being exemplified by "Three C's: Concern to Care with Compassion."

As we Masons journey along in the Fraternity together, we gain friendships - lifelong friendships - through heart-warming camaraderie in the lodge, at dinners, joining in fraternal and community activities and programs, at family functions, and more. And we're all better for it.

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