ftf22In 1947 I gave myself a birthday present that has given me a fulfilling life of brotherhood, fellowship, and service to others. That's when I sought to be a Mason. At that time, although many of my relatives were Masons, my dad wasn't. Nevertheless, he urged me to try to become one. So, I asked my cousin, Howard Orr, Past Master, and he proudly recommended me. Happily, through the years, because of me, my brother, Robert, and his two sons, John and Robert, II, became Masons - and all of us have served as Worshipful Master at one time or another.

ftf21With that "birthday present," I started traveling a road that has given a lifetime of enjoyment. I love being active in my lodge. I served as Worshipful Master twice. I enjoy a number of the appendant bodies including Scottish Rite and Shrine. I have and cherish my 50-year pins, not just from Grand Lodge, but from all of the other bodies that I belong to. Those pins not only remind me of how much Freemasonry means to me, but also tells the world that I'm both proud and fortunate to be a Mason and particularly happy to be able to address Past District Deputy Walter L. Sykes as "Brother." Truly, life has been fulfilling for me because of the fellowship in Masonry.

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