Volume LVIMAY/JUNE 2009Number 2

Thanks for Fulfilling our Wish List

It is with great appreciation that Masonic Villages acknowledges the many gifts in support of the Masonic Children's Home Wish Lists that have been published in recent months. The outpouring of generosity from lodges, the Grand Chapter and very gracious individuals has been most gratifying. As a result of the tremendous caring for young people, many of the Masonic Children's Home Wish List items have now been supported, including office desks, dining room chairs, a stove, a fan and a deck for one of the cottages.

The Masonic Children's Home Wish List items are things that make a difference for the children in a practical way every day. These items support the educational and recreational needs of the youth, as well as the essential operational functions of the home. A childhood without a bicycle? No computer access in today's world? A shortage of modern office equipment for managing the home? Fortunately for our youth, the generous Masonic and Eastern Star communities have stepped forward to ensure that our children are on equal footing with other children their age.

Because the Wish List items for our youth have been supported so generously, we now turn to the needs of the villages' older residents with the publication this month of the Masonic Villages' Wish List. As many readers will recognize from Chief Executive Officer Bro. Joseph E. Murphy's communications in recent months, the challenging economy has affected the Masonic Villages' budgets, cutting out many vital capital purchases that would normally be made for the fulfillment of our Mission of Love.

The items in the Masonic Villages' Wish List below serve the needs of residents receiving health care services, as well as the broader campuses. Contributions to support these needs will be hard-working gifts indeed, bringing physical aid and comfort to village residents every day. For further information, please call the Office of Gift Planning at (800) 599-6454.

Quantity Capital NeedCost per
Single Item
Total Cost
Masonic Village at Elizabethtown
10APM2 mattresses$1,000$10,000
2Bariatric beds$5,000$10,000
4Specialty Wheelchairs$1,500$6,000
2Whirlpool Tubs$20,000$40,000
Children's Home
10Chairs for Study Room$200$2,000
1Locked Cabinet$1,146$1,146
1Pool Slide for Outdoor Pool$15,000$15,000
 Vacations/Day Trips  
Masonic Village at Lafayette Hill
1Boiler Pump and Valve System$31,000$31,000
Masonic Village at Sewickley
2Menu Boards$300$600
4Alternating Pressure Mattresses$1,000$4,000
85Light Switch Pull Chords$10$850
33Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball Tickets-
Nursing Care Resident Outing
24Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball Tickets-
Personal Care Resident Outing
24Kennywood Day Trip-Personal
Care Resident Outing
18Just Ducky Tour-Personal
Care Resident Outing
18Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium-
Personal Care Outing
12Ed Min Tour-Personal Care Resident
Masonic Village at Warminster
1Hand Held Pulse Oximeter$800$800
1Single Unit Freezer$3,800$3,800

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