Volume LVIMAY/JUNE 2009Number 2


On March 28, R.W. Grand Master Stephen Gardner presided over the annual Miss Job's Daughters Pageant, and once again had a great time supporting the girls. The results are in, and the new Miss Job's Daughters for 2009-2010 is Katherine Price, Honored Queen from Bethel 15 in Elizabethtown. The new Miss Congeniality for 2009-2010 is Renee Daniels, Past Grand Bethel Honored Queen, from Bethel 19, Mechanicsburg.

Runners up in the competition are important because if Miss Job's Daughters cannot complete her term, the 1st runner up would be called on to take her place.

1st runner up: Cecile Madonna, PHQ from Bethel 15, Elizabethtown
2nd runner up: Ashley Kissinger, HQ from Bethel 7, Columbia
3rd runner up: Louesa Piatak, PHQ, HQ from Bethel 12, Gettysburg
4th runner up: Lauren Nace, PHQ from Bethel 21, Butler

Daughters earned awards for their knowledge of their Order. This year the best ritual score produced a tie between Lauren Nace of Bethel 21, Butler, and Romaynse Smith of Bethel 1, York. The highest speech score was earned by Katherine Price.

The most amazing announcement of the night was that the high sponsor was Lauren Nace, who raised $2,087 in sponsorships as a contestant! Congratulations go to all the contestants for their hard work and dedication. More than $10,000 was raised for Job's Daughters' scholarships this year!

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