Volume LVIMAY/JUNE 2009Number 2

Congratulations to...

R.W. Deputy Grand Master Thomas K. Sturgeon, Oakdale Lodge No. 669, has been selected as the 2010 Conference Chair of the Conference of Grand Masters of Masons of North America. Bro. George A. Fraley (left) was named "Mason of the Year" by the members of Muncy Lodge No. 299 at the February meeting for his dedication, service and commitment to the lodge, other Masonic bodies and the community. The plaque was presented by Bro. Scott S. Farley, W.M. (right). Upon graduating from Basic Training on March 12, Bro. Ryan R.A. Aungst, LaBelle Vallee Lodge No. 232, Jersey Shore, received the prestigious Army Values Award for exemplifying duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage.


On March 7, Bro. Ken Rose, Concord Lodge No. 625, Concordville, sent Rick Swalm, District Deputy Grand Master for District 36, an e-mail about Bro. Ken MacDonald, who had just arrived home from the hospital, diagnosed with stage four cancer. Without a ramp, Bro. MacDonald, who was confined to a wheelchair/scooter, was essentially trapped in his home unless carried outside. Bro. Swalm sent a request to the officers of District 36 and within 24 hours, the research on what was needed to meet state and local codes, as well as options for two different approaches, was accomplished by Bro. John Heyburn, S.W., Concord Lodge.

A collection was taken at the lodge's meeting that Wednesday to start financing the project, and $340 was collected. Bro. Heyburn presented the situation with alternatives at the Wayfarers meeting the next night and after much discussion, it was decided that a ramp versus a lift was the best approach. An additional $160 was collected. Additional monies from lodges in the district and individual donations have pushed the total contributions to over $1,800.

That Friday, Bro. Rich Jones found a used ramp on Craig's List, a Web site featuring classified ads, and fellow Concord Lodge brothers Curt Barrett, P.M., and Heyburn took a road trip to northeast Philadelphia to locate the ramp. It was in excellent condition, and after some discussion with the woman who was selling the ramp, they purchased it for $940. (The excess money is going toward purchasing a lift for Bro. MacDonald's vehicle.) The brethren dismantled the ramp, loaded it into Bro. Heyburn's truck and took it back to Bro. MacDonald's home.

The next day, Concord Lodge brothers Barrett, Heyburn, Tim DeMarco, J.W., and William Shaw, P.M., assembled the ramp, and Bro. MacDonald tested it out. The time line from request to success was nine days. This was a great example of fraternal love and fellowship demonstrated through Masonic actions. Congratulations, brethren of Concord Lodge, for living your obligations!

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