Volume LVIMAY/JUNE 2009Number 2

Online Masonic Speakers Directory

Are you planning to serve as Master of your lodge? Do you want to have interesting and thought-provoking programs and speakers at your meetings? You can benefit from Grand Lodge's Online Speakers Directory. There are more than 150 different speakers, offering more than 300 different programs already registered in the Speakers Directory. In 2008, more than 130 speakers were contacted through the online Speakers Directory. Already this year, more than 50 speakers have been contacted for future programs.

Finding a speaker for your lodge meetings is simple. Go to www.pagrandlodge.org and click on the link to "Speakers" in the sidebar. You can search out any subject or speaker by name, topic or even region of the state where the speaker resides. Complete the online form, and request all the speakers you need for your lodge programs.

If the speaker has e-mail, the request will go directly to him, and he will respond directly back to you. If the speaker does not have e-mail, a member of the Committee on Internet Services will forward a copy of the request, and the speaker will respond by telephone or by mail. If, for some reason, the requested speaker does not respond, please report this to the Committee, and the registration will be reviewed. Some speakers do not ask for a fee, but others may seek reimbursement of travel expenses or require a small donation to a favorite charity. Most will cooperate and work within your budget.

Masonic speakers can now register themselves with the directory. They can enter their information using an online form, and their programs will be made available upon approval of their District Deputy Grand Master. Topics may be Masonic in nature or of general interest. If you know of a good speaker, please encourage him to register with the Online Speakers Directory.

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