Volume LVIMAY/JUNE 2009Number 2


For the first time in the history of the lodge, Vaux Lodge No. 406, Hamburg, Entered, Passed and Raised Sgt. Luis Augusto Molina Ojeda to the sublime degree of Master Mason all on the same night, Dec. 22, 2008. Bro. Luis was about to be deployed to Iraq along with the Stryker Brigade from the Pennsylvania National Guard based in Willow Grove, as was his first-line signer, Bro. Gonzolo Gonzalez.

Along with a Masonic Bible, Masonic pins and books, and a "Change for the Troops" calling card, the brethren presented Brothers Ojeda and Gonzalez with a Grand Lodge Masonic license plate and a license plate from Vaux Lodge, with a request to send back a picture of the brethren with the plates in Iraq. All the personnel in the Stryker Brigade's unit were presented calling cards by Grand Lodge and the brethren both reported back that the calling cards are very much appreciated. The members of Vaux Lodge are especially proud to be part of the program that has hit so close to home.

Front row, left-right: Robert H. Lindenmuth Jr., P.M., Sgt. USMC; Terry L. Loeb, P.M., Sgt U.S. Army; Sgt. Luis Ojeda, New Master Mason; James M. Musico, Worshipful Master, P.M.; Claude G. Seward, J.W., Mst Sgt, USAF; along with members and visitors who witnessed the conferring of the degrees.

Serving a Brother Serving Abroad

When the wife of a brother serving our country in Iraq faced legal issues, she turned to the military, and ultimately, to the Masons for help. At dinner before Brotherhood Lodge No. 126's stated meeting, Bro. and Col. Harris Brooks told Bro. Anthony Stefanski of his frustration with the legal system pertaining to this particular case.

A Philadelphia criminal defense attorney, Bro. Stefanski, without hesitation, traveled over an hour away and provided his services to the brother's wife free of charge. "I did it to help a brother in need and to thank him for serving our country," he said.

Calling Card Distribution Update

Through the "Change for the Troops," the Grand Lodge continues to provide 150 cards each month to the Family Support Services for troops departing from the McGuire Air Force Base, Fort Dix, and Lakehurst Naval Air Station.

Grand Lodge is planning to send additional cards to the Pennsylvania National Guard's 56th Stryker Brigade in Iraq and the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany, which cares for troops injured in war zones.

As quickly as the money comes in, calling cards are purchased and sent right away so they can get into the hands of our troops. Please continue your generous support!

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