R.W. Grand Master James L. Ernette is looking forward to leading a large contingent of Freemasons, along with an impressive "Brotherhood Serving Mankind" float, on Saturday morning, July 3, in the 30th annual Fourth of July holiday parade in Latrobe.

The Grand Master has invited the Masons in all of the lodges, appendant bodies, and allied organizations throughout Western Pennsylvania (or all of Pennsylvania) to come to Latrobe and join him in the line of march. "I would like to demonstrate the impact that Freemasons and Freemasonry have on their communities," the Grand Master said.

Bro. Richard J. Stemmler, D.D.G.M., 30th Masonic District, who is the chairman of the Latrobe Parade Committee, said that all of the Freemasons will appear as a division behind the Grand Master. All D.D.G.M.s will parade as a group, as will all elected and appointed officers of the lodges, followed by all of the Master Masons present and the various Masonic appendant and allied bodies and units. The Pennsylvania State Police mounted unit will lead the parade.

The D.D.G.M.s and lodge elected and appointed officers are to wear Masonic attire, including their aprons and collars. Masons who are not officers should dress conservatively in suits and bring their lodge aprons. All who want to participate should report to the parade staging area by 9:30 a.m.