Teaching responsibility is a key theme of our Masonic youth groups. Helping young people accept greater responsibility for their actions prepares them for adulthood. Through the Pennsylvania Youth Foundation, Freemasonry gives young people the chance to create their own programs, lead their peers, enact their plans, celebrate their successes, and learn from their mistakes. This is a proven and successful method for personal growth and development-- to learn by doing.

Freemasons are there for guidance and support, providing opportunities for public speaking, teambuilding, and character development. The Masonic principles which inspire us are instilled in youth through the unique rituals and customs of the Order of DeMolay, the Order of Job's Daughters, and the Order of the Rainbow for Girls.

Your help is needed! Whether it be financial assistance, or a time of service with one of these youth groups, every Pennsylvania Mason should give something to support the leaders of our future. Our Masonic Youth Programs are reliant on quality volunteers to keep their programs strong.

The Pennsylvania Youth Foundation assists the adult leaders of these organizations to ensure that quality programming and high standards of conduct are their top priorities. The Foundation sponsored three significant seminars in 1998 to help train volunteers in areas of programming, risk management, youth protection and teaching responsibility. The Pennsylvania Youth Foundation also provided programming, meals and housing for 2,601 youth group members in 39 different programs at the Masonic Conference Center-Patton Campus in Elizabethtown.

A major addition to the Masonic Conference Center was completed in December 1998 without causing the cancellation of any planned event. With the construction of a state-of-the-art multimedia center, and the creation of new meeting and registration space, the campus will better serve our youth and adult programs. Following the 1999 renovation of our major dormitories, the entire facility will include air-conditioned living with private bathrooms in each bedroom.

The upgrade of this facility further demonstrates the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania's commitment to young people, and its confidence that they will accept the responsibility of using this improved campus as young adults.

Please support our uniquely Masonic Youth Programs!


The Samuel C. Williamson Multimedia Center includes state-of-the-art presentation equipment to provide high-tech educational programming for all participants at the Masonic Conference Center--Patton Campus in Elizabethtown.


Athletic competitions provide the opportunity to teach teamwork, character development, sportsmanship, and leadership, while developing physical fitness skills.


In 1998, the Pennsylvania Youth Foundation presented more than $58,817 in 33 scholarships to young people through the continued support of its Educational Endowment Fund.

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